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07-25-2014 | Mobile Health
A new study shows that patients and clinicians are satisfied with asynchronous virtual care as an alternative to in-office visits.
The Brussels, Belgium-Based Edith Cavell Interregional Hospital Group (CHIREC) has embarked upon a plan to become fully digitized -- i.e., paperless -- across its six-site operation. But the process is not going to happen overnight.
Care coordination is a challenge across the healthcare sector, but a new project is focused on addressing one of the most vexing areas: mental health services.
A new study demonstrates how social networking can help improve robotic surgical training.
It's no secret that healthcare is changing, and quickly. And perhaps nowhere is the need to keep up with change more pressing than in the world of health IT.
A new study shows that under-performing hospitals are looking to get back on track with new financial systems.
ZirMed's Frank Bordonaro explains how the revenue cycle management company is uniquely positioned to help providers succeed under pay-for-performance programs.
07-1-2014 | Cloud Computing
In any industry, there's often a period when a new technology is viewed as more of a risk than an opportunity; never is that more so than in healthcare.
The SCRIPT Standard now supports a new type of ePA, bringing much-needed efficiency to the prescription drug prior authorization process, but only one solution in the market completely leverages the standard.
06-13-2014 | Business Analytics
Getting the optimal number of nurses on the floor requires going far beyond elementary mathematical models.