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03-2-2015 | Mobile Health
Ascom and KPN, the leading telecommunications and ICT service provider in the Netherlands, have joined forces to create an offering for mission-critical communications in healthcare using cellular network technology.
02-24-2015 | Privacy & Security
The Privacy & Security Forum will take March 5-6 in San Diego and includes 30+ speakers from leading healthcare organizations.
Healthcare organizations focused on ICD-10, new industry guidelines, mental health data integration, consumer-driven technology demands and big data management in 2014.
01-2-2015 | Privacy & Security
The deadline to submit a speaking proposal for the HIMSS Media and Healthcare IT News Privacy & Security Forum is Friday, Jan. 9.
12-19-2014 | Quality
The Department of Health and Human Services awarded $36.3 million of Affordable Care Act funding to 1,113 health centers for various quality improvements.
InterComponentWare AG will reopen its operations in the United States with teams in business development, sales, and product management.
12-1-2014 | Business Analytics
ZirMed expands its analytics capabilities with the acquisition of MethodCare.
11-25-2014 | Workforce Development
Ascom has recently launched Ascom Myco, a new solution for integrated workflow intelligence in healthcare. In this interview, Nick Guldemond, Associate Professor, University Medical Centre Utrecht, discusses the importance of intelligent and efficient workflow in the hospital setting and Roel Ottink, Director Product Management and Marketing, Ascom, explains how the Ascom Myco is designed to optimise workflow around nurses and patients.
It is an exciting time to be in the healthcare industry, especially considering the impact technological advancements in digital health have had on healthcare.
11-19-2014 | Mobile Health
Consumers are embracing emerging virtual care models, which empower patients to take control of their health by having the majority of care taking place "virtually" through online resources and access to clinicians via phone, email or video technologies.