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04-24-2014 | Workforce Development
A Healthcare IT News special report in October 2014 will profile the top IT departments, exploring those qualities that make them exceptional.
04-23-2014 | Cloud Computing
When it comes to imaging, healthcare organizations are learning that sharing is a good thing, but collaboration is even better.
Incorporating social and behavioral health data in EHRs can help improve care for patients and populations.
Installing Agfa HealthCare's integrated ICIS VNA allowed Ochsner Health System to consolidate medical images into one repository.
04-9-2014 | Patient Safety
Health Care Systems, Inc. is leveraging an electronic medication history service to help provider organizations improve patient safety.
04-8-2014 | Business Analytics
The event focuses on peer-to-peer education and sessions will demonstrate how business intelligence can improve care and reduce costs.
04-4-2014 | Ambulatory Care
WEDI and EHNAC are preparing to launch a practice management system accreditation program.
04-4-2014 | Mobile Health
Recent studies illustrate how smart phone apps can improve clinical care.
EMC suggests that U.S. healthcare organizations would do well to take a cue from European countries in leveraging integrated patient records.
As electronic health records become more common, clinicians are finding that they need more complete information.