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10-12-2015 | Workforce Development
There may be no better way to develop effective healthcare programs, and the IT to support it, than caring about your own employees.
05-29-2015 | Workforce Development
Nominations for Healthcare IT News’ annual BEST Hospital IT Departments program open today, May 28.
11-25-2014 | Workforce Development
Ascom has recently launched Ascom Myco, a new solution for integrated workflow intelligence in healthcare. In this interview, Nick Guldemond, Associate Professor, University Medical Centre Utrecht, discusses the importance of intelligent and efficient workflow in the hospital setting and Roel Ottink, Director Product Management and Marketing, Ascom, explains how the Ascom Myco is designed to optimise workflow around nurses and patients.
09-30-2014 | Workforce Development
Employees make it clear that it takes a lot more than money to create a great hospital IT department.
04-24-2014 | Workforce Development
A Healthcare IT News special report in October 2014 will profile the top IT departments, exploring those qualities that make them exceptional.
12-11-2013 | Workforce Development
As the move toward value-based care puts more and more pressure on organizations to produce the best outcomes while keeping costs down, the need for the high performing clinicians and staff members is becoming more pressing than ever before.
08-7-2013 | Workforce Development
As providers struggle with an IT staffing shortage, Stoltenberg Consulting offers an outsourced help desk solution that works
07-20-2013 | Workforce Development
New HIMSS Survey finds provider organizations continue to hire more HIT staff and outsource new technology initiatives
07-2-2013 | Workforce Development
An innovative training program proves valuable for healthcare organizations and aspiring healthcare IT professionals
06-13-2013 | Workforce Development
Job postings related to healthcare informatics have increased faster than those for any other industry sector, according to a recent study
09-5-2012 | Workforce Development
The “Where to Work: BEST Hospital IT Departments” Program Spotlights 25 Top Hospital IT Workplaces.