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06-3-2015 | Quality
While “Big Data” and analytics are among the most widely discussed topics in healthcare today, many healthcare organizations are still just beginning to grapple with why and how best they should incorporate analytics into their operations in order to better understand the reams of data new health IT is helping them collect.
05-20-2015 | Quality
Providers and payers may end up doing most of the work of healthcare reform, but non-traditional players are going to make some real contributions, too.
05-20-2015 | Quality
Clinical data may provide the key to a patient's health, but comprehensive care plans require other data, as well.
12-19-2014 | Quality
The Department of Health and Human Services awarded $36.3 million of Affordable Care Act funding to 1,113 health centers for various quality improvements.
05-31-2014 | Quality
A study published in JAMA Internal Medicine shows that web-based counseling sessions can cost-effectively keep heart disease at bay.
02-7-2014 | Quality
IBM will sponsor a reception at HIMSS14 that includes a panel discussion that looks at the growing understanding of how healthcare considerations need to be an integral part of any economic development policy.
01-14-2014 | Quality
The annual award honors the people who through their vision and talent are advancing the adoption of technology to improve healthcare's effectiveness.
09-13-2013 | Quality
Many believe that healthcare facilities determine the state of a community's health. But interestingly, that's not the case
09-11-2013 | Quality
In this era of financial and institutional focus on addressing underlying problems in healthcare, just treating symptoms isn't enough
07-18-2013 | Quality
Andrew Biviano offers his perspective on emerging population health management opportunities – and the challenges that go along with them