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10-26-2015 | Privacy & Security
Tighter integration and holistic policies will secure data from devices, wearables and the Internet of Things.
05-20-2015 | Privacy & Security
Providers and payers may end up doing most of the work of healthcare reform, but non-traditional players are going to make some real contributions, too.
05-11-2015 | Privacy & Security
FBI cybersecurity expert keynotes HIMSS Privacy & Security Forum, July 1 in Chicago.
03-24-2015 | Privacy & Security
Take in the HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey to help identify how healthcare organizations are mitigating the risk of being the next victim.
03-5-2015 | Privacy & Security
The deadline to submit a proposal is March 13, and submissions are limited to security professionals and experts from healthcare provider and payer organizations, government agencies, and academic institutions.
02-24-2015 | Privacy & Security
The Privacy & Security Forum will take March 5-6 in San Diego and includes 30+ speakers from leading healthcare organizations.
01-2-2015 | Privacy & Security
The deadline to submit a speaking proposal for the HIMSS Media and Healthcare IT News Privacy & Security Forum is Friday, Jan. 9.
10-31-2014 | Privacy & Security
CISO Karl West explains the health system's process for evaluating all new mobile technologies based on a core architecture that involves a three-pronged system of controls.
09-3-2014 | Privacy & Security
At the HIMSS Media and Healthcare IT News Privacy & Security Forum in Boston Sept. 8-9, Children's Hospital CIO Daniel Nigrin, MD will discuss his experience defending the hospital's network last spring against aggressive cyber attacks.
08-28-2014 | Privacy & Security
The 44 speakers at the Privacy & Security Forum will address cybercrime, medical device security, risk mitigation, HIPAA regulations, insider threats, and 3rd party compliance, among other topics.
08-21-2014 | Privacy & Security
CIO Ed Marx will deliver a keynote address at the HIMSS Media and Healthcare IT News Privacy and Security Forum in Boston, Sept. 9. He'll address the need for the healthcare to raise its game when it comes to privacy and security.
08-15-2014 | Privacy & Security
Aetna CISO Jim Routh is slated to keynote the HIMSS Media and Healthcare IT News Privacy & Security Forum in Boston Sept. 8. Here he discusses a key strategy for combating cyber crime.
03-14-2014 | Privacy & Security
The volume of data breaches at healthcare organizations is declining but factors, such as the Affordable Care Act and employee negligence, pose security challenges.
12-30-2013 | Privacy & Security
The HHS Office for Civil Rights didn’t meet all the federal requirements in its oversight and enforcement of the HIPAA security rule, according to a report by the HHS Office of Inspector General.
09-19-2013 | Privacy & Security
The Office for Civil Rights and Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology release privacy privacy practice models
05-18-2013 | Privacy & Security
HITRUST has issued guidance on how organizations can use its common security framework to prevent, detect and manage cybersecurity attacks
04-3-2013 | Privacy & Security
Framework includes 15 privacy principles designed to measure and test privacy practices
01-23-2013 | Privacy & Security
Despite the potential of mobile healthcare, experts worry about the added risks of security breaches, privacy violations and other concerns
12-7-2012 | Privacy & Security
Lisa Gallagher, HIMSS’ senior director of privacy and security, isn't optimistic that providers can prove patient data is safe
11-20-2012 | Privacy & Security
CynergisTek CEO Mac McMillan discusses the state of healthcare privacy and security
09-5-2012 | Privacy & Security
The Privacy and Security Forum addresses data breaches, HIPAA compliance, mobile device security and other timely issues.