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08-28-2015 | Mobile Health
Caseworkers are increasingly spending their days in the field. Now, they can take the office with them.
05-20-2015 | Mobile Health
Providers and payers may end up doing most of the work of healthcare reform, but non-traditional players are going to make some real contributions, too.
03-2-2015 | Mobile Health
Ascom and KPN, the leading telecommunications and ICT service provider in the Netherlands, have joined forces to create an offering for mission-critical communications in healthcare using cellular network technology.
11-19-2014 | Mobile Health
Consumers are embracing emerging virtual care models, which empower patients to take control of their health by having the majority of care taking place "virtually" through online resources and access to clinicians via phone, email or video technologies.
10-18-2014 | Mobile Health
The FCC is seeking a coordinator to help foster the development and deployment of new medical area body network devices.
10-15-2014 | Mobile Health
The Ascom Myco is designed around the needs of the nurse, from its size, weight and toughness to the presentation of information and the management of clinical workflows.
10-13-2014 | Mobile Health
Could the use of technologies that distance healthcare providers from the first-hand experience of the suffering of those they care for (such as telemedicine platforms and other forms of "virtual visits" or self-care tools) lead to a collective "stumbling over lines" with unfortunate consequences?
10-1-2014 | Mobile Health
Ascom Myco is a new purpose-built smartphone for healthcare. Together with Ascom Unite middleware, nurse call systems and 3rd party apps, Ascom Myco is an important factor when solving the equation of coping with limited resources and high demands on quality of care.
09-15-2014 | Mobile Health
As recent study published in Stroke magazine demonstrates how telemedicine can help patients gain better access to specialists.
07-25-2014 | Mobile Health
A new study shows that patients and clinicians are satisfied with asynchronous virtual care as an alternative to in-office visits.
04-4-2014 | Mobile Health
Recent studies illustrate how smart phone apps can improve clinical care.
03-7-2014 | Mobile Health
Researchers are exploring how cancer patients can use mobile phones to better manage the chemotherapy process.
02-20-2014 | Mobile Health
Consumers are expected to embrace mHealth even more when their devices connect to their providers' systems.
02-19-2014 | Mobile Health
VMware AlwaysOn Point of Care™ provides a common desktop for all providers working within a system and dramatically shortens the time clinical workers wait before logging into the system.
02-6-2014 | Mobile Health
VMware AlwaysOn Point of Care™ is a workspace solution that provides the availability, mobility and security that providers want when it comes to their data.
02-5-2014 | Mobile Health
Appointment brings profound medical expertise to AT&T ForHealth, dedicated to supporting the transformation in healthcare by connecting the ecosystem.
12-30-2013 | Mobile Health
Texting can be good for your health, ASMOF (as a matter of fact), according to recently published research.
11-20-2013 | Mobile Health
Healthcare providers participate in Healthcare IT News Executive Breakfast at the mHealth Summit – “The World is My Waiting Room”
10-3-2013 | Mobile Health
The FDA says it intends to focus regulation on a subset of mobile medical applications that could present a risk to patients if they don’t w
09-14-2013 | Mobile Health
Both the mobile and wireless healthcare markets are expected to grow rapidly during the next five years, according to new research
08-21-2013 | Mobile Health
Healthcare IT News received an honorable mention for the PRSourceCode 2013 Top Tech Communicators Awards
07-27-2013 | Mobile Health
A new report predicts significant growth in the mHealth market as smartphones become even more ubiquitous
07-10-2013 | Mobile Health
mHealth News is a new website that serves the information needs of professionals advancing healthcare through the use of mobile platforms
06-15-2013 | Mobile Health
A study illustrates the importance of managing expectations when new technology is introduced into the clinical environment
05-29-2013 | Mobile Health
Geeta Nayyar, MD, MBA, CMIO, sizes up healthcare industry challenges and the potential impact of information technology
05-9-2013 | Mobile Health
Industry leaders are offering some much needed guidance as the number of mobile health apps continues to rapidly grow
03-29-2013 | Mobile Health
Researchers find that telehealth could prove to be a costly proposition
03-22-2013 | Mobile Health
The mHealth market is expanding rapidly as consumer and healthcare professionals embrace mobile apps
02-5-2013 | Mobile Health
The number of mobile device users who downloaded at least one mobile healthcare application nearly doubled in 2012
01-23-2013 | Mobile Health
The telehealth market is projected to reach 1.8 million patients worldwide by 2017
06-27-2012 | Mobile Health
Consumers are ready to take the mobile health plunge, but physicians are still just dipping their toes in the water.