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01-2-2014 | ICD-10
Survey from WEDI shows that the healthcare industry is falling behind in meeting the October 1, 2014 transition to a new coding system.
12-19-2013 | ICD-10
The ICD-10 deadline is less than a year away. That means organizations need to prepare for the transition – and then some, according to Joncé Smith, Soarian Financials Practice Director at Stoltenberg Consulting, a Pittsburgh-based health IT consulting firm.
11-2-2013 | ICD-10
A recent survey found that community hospitals are betting that various IT projects will help them improve their operational efficiencies
10-16-2013 | ICD-10
Alego Health’s Jonathan Levoy says organizations need to start now and follow a detailed plan to transition to ICD-10 by October 1, 2014
08-15-2013 | ICD-10
WEDI and ASC X12 released a brief helping healthcare organizations improve their testing of HIPAA transactions requiring ICD-10 codes
07-25-2013 | ICD-10
Recent survey shows providers still expect to encounter problems and lost revenue in the first 6 months after migrating to the new standard
06-22-2013 | ICD-10
A new study shows that providers are struggling in their move toward ICD-10, but the federal government is not planning additional extension
05-10-2013 | ICD-10
A new study shows that the move to ICD-10 will prove especially difficult for specialty practices
04-27-2013 | ICD-10
The latest survey from WEDI shows that the compliance extension for the ICD-10 rule issued last year has caused some to delay their own comp
04-11-2013 | ICD-10
Join CMS for insight on how to transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 during a National Provider Call on April 18, 2013
06-28-2012 | ICD-10
Senator Tom Coburn cites financial burdens as he asks Congress to abandon ICD-10 plans.
05-12-2012 | ICD-10
The Object Management Group (OMG) and Health Level Seven International (HL7) have released the hData Record Format.
05-12-2012 | ICD-10
AHIMA recommends there be no delay in the ICD-10 compliance deadline.