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Healthcare organizations focused on ICD-10, new industry guidelines, mental health data integration, consumer-driven technology demands and big data management in 2014.
The Cleveland Clinic has set its sights on the broad range of multispecialty images generated across the health system.
The American Medical Association has developed eight usability priorities for future versions of EHRs, which it hopes will spur more efficient use of the technology.
Rideout Health improves hospital medication history gathering process through automation.
The Brussels, Belgium-Based Edith Cavell Interregional Hospital Group (CHIREC) has embarked upon a plan to become fully digitized -- i.e., paperless -- across its six-site operation. But the process is not going to happen overnight.
The SCRIPT Standard now supports a new type of ePA, bringing much-needed efficiency to the prescription drug prior authorization process, but only one solution in the market completely leverages the standard.
Merge Healthcare's Bob Schallhorn offers up his insight on important cardiology imaging concerns.
Information from EHRs empowers clinicians to provide better clinical care to patients.
The recent enrollment deadline for the 'Obamacare' means that healthcare organizations will now treat more Americans who have gained access to health insurance. But it will also create a plethora of new patient data they will have to manage.
Incorporating social and behavioral health data in EHRs can help improve care for patients and populations.
Installing Agfa HealthCare's integrated ICIS VNA allowed Ochsner Health System to consolidate medical images into one repository.
EMC suggests that U.S. healthcare organizations would do well to take a cue from European countries in leveraging integrated patient records.
As electronic health records become more common, clinicians are finding that they need more complete information.
A recent study shows that hospital leaders are apt to overlook certain costs associated with EHRs.
Innovative solution makes it possible for clinicians to use EHRs to view diagnostic quality images.
Jacqueline Forestall sheds light on technology implementations, ACA – and what's ahead for Alego Health.
A recent survey by the National Center for Health Statistics found that while physician use of EHRs continues to increase, many still aren't ready for Meaningful Use Stage 2.
A solid IT infrastructure is a requisite to truly leverage information technology in healthcare.
Even though the healthcare industry is quickly adopting EHRs, paper documents still hold some valuable patient information.
A new study shows that providing access to pricing information through an EHR could cut costs
A new Standards & Interoperability Framework seeks to link drug databases to EHRs
AHIMA wants patients to better manage their health by accessing their personal health records
Santa Rosa Consulting illustrates how healthcare organizations can get the most out of their IT investments
A recent survey found that EHRs had a big impact—both positive and negative—on physician satisfaction
Santa Rosa Consulting makes a case for more strategic IT spending
EHRs can improve diabetes care, growth disorder detection, according to two studies published in JAMA
As value-based purchasing takes hold, healthcare organizations will need to modernize information systems to meet emerging needs
A new whitepaper from GNAX Health points to 9 considerations that can help health providers take disaster planning to the next level
Opinion piece, market research shine light on the potential impact of electronic records on patient satisfaction
New research from the University of Michigan supports the contention that EHRs can help providers on the financial front
Jonathan Levoy offers up his unique insight on how healthcare organizations can effectively deal with a long list of information technology
Healthcare providers are discovering just how valuable colocation data centers can be as the industry embraces electronic information
Karl Strohmeyer discusses the many challenges facing healthcare IT leaders today
New research shows how EHR data can be used to enhance drug safety
Agfa HealthCare’s ICIS makes patient-centric imaging data available across the healthcare enterprise
The healthcare industry is making significant EHR adoption progress – just what the ARRA legislation ordered
A study published in the Journal of the Medical Informatics Association shows that EHR workarounds are still being used
Agfa HealthCare’s ICIS makes patient-centric imaging data available across the healthcare enterprise
Struggling with systems that don’t meet all of their needs, some medical groups could move on to replacement EHRs in 2013
Colorado state-wide vendor neutral archive enables clinicians access to medical images in real time
Primary care physicians who use advanced information technology are more likely to steer women to needed health tests
Merge Healthcare forms alliance with Surescripts to give providers direct access to medical images
Orlando Health relies on clinical decision support in its Allscripts EHR to better identify and treat sepsis patients.
The acquisition of CapSite allows HIMSS Analytics to provide the best market intelligence to CIO's.
California physicians are using EHRs that fall short of “meaningful use” requirements.
EHR system sales to physician practices grew 22% in 2011, outpacing the growth of sales to hospitals.