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07-1-2014 | Cloud Computing
In any industry, there's often a period when a new technology is viewed as more of a risk than an opportunity; never is that more so than in healthcare.
05-2-2014 | Cloud Computing
As healthcare providers deal with increasingly large volumes of data, the need to develop cost effective storage and archiving strategies is becoming more pressing.
04-23-2014 | Cloud Computing
When it comes to imaging, healthcare organizations are learning that sharing is a good thing, but collaboration is even better.
01-16-2014 | Cloud Computing
GNAX Health's Back Up-as-a-Service (BaaS) offers healthcare organizations a cost efficient medical imaging storage option.
12-6-2013 | Cloud Computing
Now that some healthcare organizations have realized the value in cloud computing, they must navigate the waters of choosing a single vendor
12-4-2013 | Cloud Computing
Henry Ford Heart & Vascular Institute is using cloud technology to better access and store the thousands of heart images it produces
11-26-2013 | Cloud Computing
A panel of health IT experts discuss how the HIPAA Omnibus Rule has made the cloud more secure for storing personal health information
11-9-2013 | Cloud Computing
An all-star panel of health IT experts discuss cloud computing at Healthcare IT News’ Nov. 19 Executive Briefing
11-8-2013 | Cloud Computing
Often cited for cost saving benefits, VNAs offer up plenty of benefits to front-line clinicians as well
09-21-2013 | Cloud Computing
Research finds that cloud computing technology might help group practices remain solvent
09-5-2013 | Cloud Computing
Clinicians are on the go – but providers need to keep patient data safe and sound. The cloud emerges as a viable data storage option
08-22-2013 | Cloud Computing
Global report reveals an increased demand for cloud computing services related to EHR systems
06-27-2013 | Cloud Computing
A survey shows that healthcare executives believe using cloud computing strategies could help reduce IT costs by 9%, or $11 billion over the
02-27-2013 | Cloud Computing
Elsevier InOrder combines state-of-the-art order software with a deep storehouse of medical information
11-29-2012 | Cloud Computing
Ping Identity CTO says cloud computing is safe, reduces costs and improves provider performance
11-21-2012 | Cloud Computing
Cloud services upgrade and improve operations quickly, says Sonian CTO