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05-20-2015 | Ambulatory Care
Clinical data may provide the key to a patient's health, but comprehensive care plans require other data, as well.
04-4-2014 | Ambulatory Care
WEDI and EHNAC are preparing to launch a practice management system accreditation program.
10-12-2013 | Ambulatory Care
A new survey finds that physician practices are not yet jumping on the health insurance exchange bandwagon
07-31-2013 | Ambulatory Care
Faced with many familiar faces, how can ERs combat chronic illnesses?
06-20-2013 | Ambulatory Care
Vendor research firm issues first report on usability of ambulatory EHR systems
05-3-2013 | Ambulatory Care
Researchers seek to identify how to optimally integrate incoming patient data into medical practice workflow
04-20-2013 | Ambulatory Care
Teams will create primary care apps or tools while vying for $25,000 worth of prizes
06-27-2012 | Ambulatory Care
Physician practices can leverage tools from AHRQ to better implement electronic prescribing programs.
05-12-2012 | Ambulatory Care
Software developers can pocket up to $50,000 in prize money for coming up with a health IT application.