Survey: Decision Support Has Positive Impact on Outcomes

As clinical outcomes are increasingly being tied to reimbursements, more provider organizations are making use of clinical decision support surveillance systems. Such systems, which monitor patient parameters and call attention to pertinent changes in patient conditions to help clinicians offer better care, are offered by a variety of third-party vendors, as well as within some EHR applications.

Now a new survey by KLAS Enterprises reveals that 79% of providers using clinical decision support surveillance systems say the technology has had a moderate to significant impact on clinical outcomes. The Orem, Utah-based vendor research firm released a report based on the survey’s findings, titled “Clinical Surveillance 2013: Impacting Outcomes,” in late July.

KLAS interviewed 140 providers, asking them their opinions on how big an impact clinical decision support surveillance systems are having, as well as how capable these systems are out of the box and how easy they are to customize.

“Providers make it clear that they feel that CDS surveillance is having a positive impact on how well they are able to care for their patients,” said Adam Cherrington, research director and report author at KLAS. “This report doesn’t just answer the question of whether CDS surveillance is having an impact on clinical outcomes, it also reveals which vendors are the best positioned and most effective at helping providers.”

The report reveals other detailed findings of the usefulness of clinical decision support surveillance software, as well advice from providers using the applications and other related trends. It also breaks down vendors in the clinical decision support surveillance system market into three categories: pharmacy-focused surveillance, enterprisewide surveillance and EHR surveillance.

The report then compares the vendors’ performances based on the provider interviews. The report is available for purchase for healthcare providers and vendors. Providers can receive a significant discount off the retail price or a complimentary summary report in exchange for a survey about one of their current vendors. To purchase the report, go to