Tweet chat tackles HIE adoption

I participated in my first ever tweet chat yesterday. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation hosted a discussion on some of the issues surrounding HIT adoption and used  the hash tag #AdoptHIT. Mike Painter, MD, senior program officer at RWJF moderated. I'd like to post his three questions and then highlight some of the best responses I read, along with my own thoughts and musings.

Q1: What do you think are the most significant trends and what can be done to continue the progress?

Getting people to understand what HIEs are, and getting them to talk to each other would be nice. Adoption is climbing and more people are actually using this stuff. Great. The industry now needs to make sure they aren't closing doors or burning bridges. Janice McCallum “twote” that "once clinicians & patients understand what they can do w/ EHR data, adoption/acceptance will grow." While we're teaching people how to use this stuff, we better make sure those skills are translatable. "Interoperability and ability to move data to new EMRs [is] very important or [you have] vendor lock in," was George Margelis' take.