Insights on Healthcare Connectivity

Frost & Sullivan has released a compilation of studies designed to assist healthcare organizations share information with other providers to offer more personalized, cost-effective care. The San Antonio-based consulting firm’s “Connected Health—A Cornerstone to Healthcare Transformation, 2010-2012” report offers an overview of its Connected Health research titles, which focus on how telemedicine can be used across multiple providers to improve patient care, payment and data analysis.

Such connectivity enables more independent care opportunities, which will be important in the next few years as the baby boomer population ages but continues to move around for career opportunities.

“Connected Health is one of the most complex and convoluted places ever to exist in healthcare,” says senior research analyst Zachary Bujnoch. “The industry’s biggest challenge is its participants’ confusion. In order to properly assess Connected Health, it must be explored in a complete and holistic fashion. A deep understanding of a wide range of verticals is necessary because when you analyze the incredibly diverse markets as a whole, then you are able to see how this industry is forever changing healthcare.”

The research, which will be updated throughout the year to offer the most recent information, focuses on how various technologies, including hardware, software, services and content can be used to create solutions for remote monitoring, mobile health, and electronic health records. It includes such titles as “U.S. Personal Health Records Market 2010 to 2015”, “Top Trends in Health Information Management,” “Strategic Analysis of Healthcare IT Implementation Business Models,” and “Analysis of the U.S. Broadband mHealth Applications Market.”

The report also offers detailed market opportunities and industry trends based on extensive interviews the firm conducted with health care organizations over the past two years. To receive the complimentary compilation, send an email to Britni Myers, corporate communications, at with your full name, company name, job title, phone number, company email address, company website, city, state and country.