AHIMA Supports Blue Button Initiative

The more you know – the better off you are. That’s the idea behind the popular public service campaign. The idea holds plenty of weight when it comes to taking care of personal health as well.

That’s why he American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) wants patients to stay in the know when it comes to their own health information.

AHIMA recently announced the launch of a campaign designed to encourage its state associations and members to support the Blue Button Initiative, which promotes access to personal health records.

Organizations and sites that use the Blue Button allow consumers to download their health data and create medical histories, which they can then be shared with all their healthcare providers. By actively participating in the capture and use of their health information, these consumers can better manage their health.

“We’re pleased to announce our support for this important national initiative, and we’re certain our members will rally around more patient access to health information,” said AHIMA CEO Lynne Thomas Gordon. “The Blue Button campaign aligns perfectly with AHIMA’s mission of making health information available where and when it’s needed.”

By offering its support, AHIMA joins other organizations that have already backed the initiative including several U.S. government agencies, including the Departments of Defense, Health and Human Services and Veterans Affairs.

AHIMA also offers a website, myPHR.com, to provide patients with a plan for developing a personal health record, as well as information about the health information landscape. 

“More than 80 million Americans are now able to access their health information through the Blue Button program,” said Marsha Dolan, co-chair of AHIMA’s Consumer Engagement Council. “We’re confident that with the support of AHIMA members, we can extend access to even more people.”