AHRQ Releases ERx Toolset

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality recently released a series of electronic tools designed to help physician practices and pharmacies better implement electronic prescribing programs. The toolset is designed to be used by provider organizations that run the gamut from small independent practices to large medical groups.

It consists of 13 chapters that provide guidance for practices on topics such as determining which type of eRx application would work in their organization, selecting a vendor, planning the implementation process, launching the system and determining if it meets their needs. Further, the agency’s tools include applications that can be used to help physicians market their eRx program to patients and pharmacies.

Although the tools originally were developed by various health care organizations, AHRQ has organized them to be used consecutively. Practices also can modify the tools so they can be used in various common document editing applications and by clinicians and staff across the physician practice. Additionally, AHRQ’s pharmacy ERx toolkit consists of applications for a patient flyer, example workflow diagrams and an eRx Net Benefit Calculator.

The various tools can be downloaded at www.ahrq.gov.