VMware AlwaysOn Point of Care™ solution: the next generation of healthcare

For health IT managers, the rapid pace of technological change in recent years has brought a fundamental irony.  

On the one hand, new IT is enabling healthcare providers to get and share more and better data than ever before. On the other hand, the relentless pace of technological development is a constant challenge for IT professionals tasked with maintaining IT infrastructures with optimal efficiency.

For example, the range and number of IT devices is constantly shifting. From desktops to laptops to tablets and smartphones, there's a steady stream of new devices that need to be managed, maintained and kept secure.

And along with the new devices come changes in provider work patterns. For example, with the flexibility of use afforded both by mobile devices and greater connectivity, providers often want to be able to consult their patient records, test results and notes from some place other than in the office.  

But among the most important concerns for health IT managers are those related to the workflow that any hospital or clinic must manage on an ongoing basis. Providers are constantly on the move when on site, so the technology they need to use must either move with them, or, if it must remain stationary, as is the case with desktop computers, then it needs to serve a constantly shifting array of providers who are moving about the facility as they see different patients, confer with colleagues and consult numerous clinical documents.

Perhaps the most direct way to address this constantly shifting array of challenges is to take a moment and look at the core problem from the perspective of clinicians.  

What do they want, or, put another way, what is the problem they want solved? The answer quickly becomes obvious. With all the new communications tools now available, clinicians want to get reliable access to patient data in a way that is fast, efficient and secure. And they also want the new tools to fulfill the promise of greater convenience.

In short, they want access to their data anywhere and on any device.

VMware AlwaysOn Point of Care™ is a workspace solution that provides the availability, mobility and security that providers want when it comes to their data. With a single login ID card, providers can access the same desktop and documents regardless of the device on which they're working.

Put another way, VMware AlwaysOn Point of Care™ solution ensures that the digital workspace a provider is using is every bit as mobile as the provider is. The solution empowers clinicians with flexible access across devices, locations and modes of connectivity, and it helps healthcare organizations transform the cost, quality and delivery of their patient care.

Along with the convenience for providers, VMware AlwaysOn Point of Care™ solution can also help healthcare organizations meet new and improved clinical and financial goals. Ready access to data, for example, is one of the criteria for achieving meaningful use, and expediting the shift to paperless environments will increase administrative efficiencies.

In many ways, VMware AlwaysOn Point of Care™ solution highlights the path to the next generation's clinical workspace by ensuring fast, efficient, anywhere access to the data providers need to offer the care that patients want. And in partnering with the tech industry's leading vendors of infrastructure and security solutions, VMware works to ensure the seamless success of all its healthcare products.

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