Alego Health President Shares Industry Insights

Alego Health provides Healthcare IT consulting, training and staff augmentation services to healthcare facilities, community hospitals, physician practices, and hospital systems throughout the country. The Cleveland-based company leverages its extensive experience in the healthcare industry to ensure it is delivering the highest level of service and knowledge to its clients.  

Jacqueline Forestall, president of Alego Health, was recently interviewed by and featured in CEOCFO magazine. The following represents just some of the insights that she shared.

CEOCFO: What are some of the areas that you are able to help your clients do well?

Ms. Forestall: We can walk into their facility, assess their situation and present them with a document that lays out all of the staff they are going to need and the skill sets that the staff will require begin to end to do what they need done to get something implemented. We can toss that out for them, and then they have a place to start. They can decide they want the level of service we are recommending, or that they would like to do things a little differently. We can walk in, survey the situation and put that document in front of them very quickly. The other thing that we do is that we understand clinical staff and we understand their pain points as it pertains to the new word of healthcare IT, which they are expected to integrate into their daily routine. That is very important. We have resources that have had experience working with physicians their entire career and are very good at going in and being able to work one on one with them to get them comfortable with what is, in most cases, an unwanted step in their day. The other thing we do is that we self-manage so that when we take on a project, it is our project as much as it is their project. We see to it that our people are the right people, they are there, and we will move them around right in the middle of the process if we are finding that the chemistry is not beneficial to the overall goals of the project. 

CEOCFO: What is the effect of the Affordable Care Act? With many of the changes and all of the turmoil, does it affect the level you are working on or is it not really a big factor day to day? 

Ms. Forestall: It is not really a big factor day to day at this point other than the fact that hospital administrators – and I speak as a former hospital administrator; that is what I did before this – seriously have to be overwhelmed with having all of these things happen to all of them at the same time. Of course, there is the need to achieve meaningful use, which is what we are engaged in, but then they are also having to figure out how they are going to work under the Affordable Care Act. In addition to that, the change over to ICD-10 is happening to them in October of 2014. There is so much going on in 2014. It remains to be seen to what extent they will continue to put emphasis in, and frankly continue put capital into the upgrade and implementation of their IT & EMR investments. In the end, that could impact us. We intend to be involved with the ICD-10 implementation, Meaningful Use 2 and 3, and the emergence of mobile HIT. I guess we will have to wait and see like everyone else what the Affordable Care Act will ultimately do to the healthcare industry.  

CEOCFO: What is ahead for Alego? 

Ms. Forestall: We are finding and forging partnerships with organizations that till now have been outside of our target market. Our focus has been primarily on acute care facilities, but we have stepped into the elder care market and have committed to expanding our traditional IT services. We will also be focusing on expanding our opportunities in the ambulatory space, primarily working with physicians and physician groups. We have finalized a partnership with a large ambulatory EMR software vendor and will be working with them to provide services to their clients. We are also very committed to the future of mobile healthcare and the opportunities that presents. It is all very exciting and the best thing for me is that I have an amazing team of people that will take on whatever challenges and opportunities that may present themselves.