Industry Groups Plan to Provide Stamp of Approval to Practice Management Systems

The Workgroup of Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) and the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) have teamed up to develop an accreditation program for physician practice management systems.
The initiative will ensure that vendors are offering systems that offer the functional requirements that practices need. In addition, the program will confirm that systems comply with HIPAA privacy, security and transactions processing rules, as well as Affordable Care Act requirements.  The initiative, which will be known as the Practice Management System Accreditation Program (PMSAP), also will make sure that vendors follow best practices for technical performance, business processes and resource management.
"Now, more than ever, practice management systems are a critical linchpin to the success of a physician's practice and achieving their goals of driving down costs and improving quality through the use of systems," said Devin Jopp, CEO of WEDI. "Through this partnership, both WEDI and EHNAC hope to ensure that the industry maintains a common baseline that all PMS vendors will achieve."
Currently, there are more than 400 hundred practice management systems serving medical groups across the country, according to estimates. The PMSAP represents the first effort to offer a third-party review of these systems. And, the initiative is being met with open arms by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA).
"Physician practices must have in place the appropriate software to both meet federal mandates and take full advantage of administrative simplification initiatives. We anticipate that accreditation of these practice management systems will be an invaluable tool that can assist our members in the product selection process, and then in optimizing their solutions to access meaningful data," said Susan L. Turney, MD, MGMA president and chief executive officer.